Heli skiing for over 40 years means we've met plenty of friends along the way.

We welcome guests back year after year – many booking multiple trips years in advance. In fact in a recent survey, 90% of our guests said they will return to ski with us again. Heli skiing with Selkirk Tangiers makes you part of our family and we take a personal approach to customer satisfaction with every guest who skis with us.

It’s impossible to show the extent of our gratitude to the folks who have supported us for so long, but we hope that our Powder Performer program goes a little way towards giving back to our extended family.

Powder Performer Achievements

We introduced this program to reward guests who accumulate vertical metre achievements heli skiing with us. For each reward tier, we present a special gift to the recipient during their trip. These gifts include hand-crafted belt buckles, embroidered ski gear, and skis built with custom graphic topsheets.

Reward Tiers

1. Outsulation Reward

Recognizing skiers with 100,000 vertical metres.

2. Sissons Reward

Recognizing skiers with 250,000 vertical metres.

3. Tangiers Reward

Recognizing skiers with 500,000 vertical metres.

4. Serac Reward

Recognizing skiers with 750,000 vertical metres.

5. Charity Reward

Recognizing skiers with 1,000,000 vertical metres.

Our Powder Performer Guests