We've been exploring the heart of BC's interior mountains since 1978.

Bordering two pristine national parks, our heli skiing tenure is an unspoiled 500,000+ acre wilderness. With over 400 established runs from towering peaks to sheltered valley floors, we’ll show you a vast diversity of terrain options. Ski from alpine cols, across wide open glaciers dotted with stunning seracs and bergschrunds, through rolling meadows and down into old growth cedar rainforest, past giant centuries-old trees. Our runs vary from 500 vertical meters in length to over 2.2 vertical kilometers.

You’ll find reliable snow and unique terrain in the Selkirk and Monashee Mountains where our lodge resides. Come and explore the powder playground we’re proud to call our backyard.

Vital Statistics

  • Half-a-million acres of terrain
  • 93 km long by 75 km wide
  • 400 named runs with unlimited landings and pick-ups
  • Runs up to 2,200 vertical metres
  • Bordering Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks

Ancient Glaciers

Bordering Glacier National Park, it’s hardly a surprise that we have access to hundreds of glaciers across our tenure. There are few feelings to rival the freedom of wide open turns on a blank canvas that glacier skiing provides. Towering walls of blue glacial ice contrast with the white snow create an otherworldly environment.

Alpine Meadows

The rhythmic precision of turns is a mesmerising feeling as you crest roll after roll of deep powder, with expansive views of jagged mountain skylines. Skiing our alpine meadows above treeline is relaxing and exhilarating in equal measures.

Pillows & Cliffs

The BC backcountry is renowned for accessible airtime. Revelstoke’s deep snowpack covers boulder fields and cliff bands with a blanket of forgiving powder, allowing you to catch air. Bouncing from pillow to pillow is an incredible experience, but remember – always ski in control.

Old Growth Rainforest

Revelstoke is home to the world’s best tree skiing due to our unique climate, biodiversity, and consistent heavy snowfall. Most of our skiing takes place below 3,000 metres (9,850 ft), facilitating the growth of large, naturally-gladed trees and reducing the effects of altitude on athletic performance.