All Multi Day Packages include accommodation, meals and heli skiing. The choice is: for how many days and if you want to fly with a large, small or private group?

Classic Packages

Our Classic Packages have been a long-standing favourite and offer guests an all inclusive heli skiing experience at a great price. All of our Classic Packages use the Bell 205 helicopter that carries groups of up to 11 guests, plus a guide and pilot. Classic Packages are available for three to seven days.

Small Group Packages

Seats are sold on a per person basis for the skier looking for the small group experience without having to put a group together themselves. You will fly in the A Star, which carries 4 passengers per group.

Private Packages

This is our most exclusive skiing experience. You decide when to start your day, the pace at which you ski, and how long you want to ski for. We find you the terrain you most like to ski and make sure you have the best possible time out there. Your private helicopter will transport you throughout the Selkirk and Monashee mountains for an unrivalled ski experience.