What’s New For 2019.20

‘Pedal to the metal’ are the words we’ve been living by in-house lately as we wrap up our 41st season in the biz. In addition to the day to day operations, many of our efforts are dedicated to planning the season ahead. Bookings are rolling in as our more meticulous guests lock in their preferred dates and we’re now solidifying the nitty gritty details of the winter to come. Below are the highlights of changes to come for our 2019.20 season at Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing:

Fewer Groups Per Machine

We’re tightening things up around here and limiting the amount of groups a heli will be shuttling throughout the day. This provides our guests with a much better experience, less groups to organize in the morning means we’re out the door more efficiently and ensures a smoother operation all around.

1 Day Excursion & Adventure Packages

  • Max 2 groups per helicopter from Dec 18 – March 8
  • Max 3 groups per helicopter from March 9 – April 3

Expedition Packages

  • Max 2 groups per helicopter from Dec 18 – Jan 12
  • Max 3 groups per helicopter from Jan 13 – April 3

Adding To The Fleet

Our Private Heli lineup is getting a new star performer in the form of a Bell 205. This new addition can fly a group of up to 10 guests giving us a great option for accommodating larger groups or those that may have fluctuating numbers during their trip. This makes it easier than ever for us to whisk groups of any size from the doorstep of their accommodation into the mountains for a day (or more!) of unforgettable fun.

Now Taking Bookings

Over the last decade we’ve noticed a significant shift of the booking window, meaning our guests are tending to book trips more and more in advance each year.  This is only natural given we have a limited amount of space available and plenty of demand, so people are adapting their behavior to secure their seats. This year is no exception and we’re already filling seats for the 2019.20 season. The 2019.20 dates and prices are now live so go ahead, choose your adventure and fly with us next season!