Know Before You Go

In light of the current pandemic – and with your safety top of mind – we’ve made some changes in the way we do things around here. So, even if you’ve been coming skiing with us for years, you’ll want to read this guide so you know what to expect this time around.

  • What hasn’t changed: our mission to soar above your expectations and create memories of a lifetime. That’s right, you can expect the same 500,000+ acres of untouched wilderness, the same qualified and experienced team, and most importantly, the same impressive average snowfall of 40 to 60 feet annually.
  • What has changed: our elevated commitment to health and safety. As part of our PureClean Initiative, we have implemented a number of new safety protocols to keep our staff members and guests safe this season.

Masks Required

In line with the B.C. Provincial Government Covid-19 Restrictions, we are requiring all our guests and members of staff to mask up – while flying, gearing up, using our facilities, and during safety training. The only time you will not be required to wear a mask is while you are eating or drinking, and while skiing or riding. To make things a little easier, all of our guests will be gifted with an STHS branded neck tube (with built-in mask), upon arrival.


Big Terrain, Small Groups

New this season, we will be using our Eurocopter A-Star helicopters for one, two, and three-day programs. Our small groups are comprised of cohorts of up to 4 guests with unlimited vertical included in all our packages. This means you can book at our special rates, and ski as much as possible throughout our legendary terrain in the Selkirk mountains.

Getting Here

In the interest of limiting exposure time between guests and staff, we are recommending that you make your own way to the Hillcrest Hotel; whether by driving with members of your cohort, using the Revelstoke Mountain Resort Shuttle Service (which stops at the Hillcrest Hotel) or by taking a taxi.

Please contact our Reservations Team for more information on transportation services offered.

Prior to departure, we ask that our guests familiarize themselves with the B.C. travel advisory that is currently in effect across the province. Please contact our reservations team if you wish to postpone your trip.

Streamlining Processes

On the day of your flight, you and your group will be required to follow directional traffic flow through our retail store for the signing of waivers and the distribution of equipment. You will have the opportunity to select the rental equipment of your choice in advance. Pre-selected rental equipment will be set up and delivered on a ski rack to the exterior of the building. Guest’s ski boots will be handed back to the guests directly after the bindings have been set. Gear will be sanitized before each guest receives their ski or snowboard equipment. During high volume periods, we will have scheduled check out times for the retail shop. These times will be configured during the day and communicated to the guests upon their arrival to the hotel.

Heli Safety

We are utilizing our Eurocopter A-Star for both Day Heli and Multiday programs. The larger bell 205 helicopters may only be deployed for larger private programs if deemed necessary. During your flight, your pilot, guide, and every member of your party will be required to wear a mask. Once boarded, there will be assigned seating, in order to avoid common touchpoints and minimize loading time.

In the Field

Out in the field, guests and guides will be required to wear masks, goggles and gloves at all times while loading and unloading, while seated in the helicopter, and during the heli huddle. If multiple groups are sharing a lunch location, they will be required to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet. Guests who are not in each other’s immediate “bubble” will be asked to provide a minimum of 6 feet spacing even if they are skiing in the same group. The lunch itself will be individually wrapped and distributed by guides while wearing masks and nitrile gloves.

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