A Season for the Books!

With the 20/21 season officially wrapped up, we are so grateful to the people who made it possible.
To our team, and our fellow Canadians: Thank You!

An Extraordinary Season

With our helicopters parked after another season, it’s time to reflect a bit on what made this year truly extraordinary. The pandemic brought with it challenges and a level of unpredictability that was previously unheard of. Our ability to deliver a seamless experience to our guests comes down to one key factor: our incredible staff. It is our team here at STHS that came together during times of uncertainty, and implemented a plan that kept everyone safe – allowing us to continue flying powder-shredding Canadians all season long.  

Getting to Know our Fellow Canadians

This season was unique for a number of reasons. Covid-19 prevented international travel and demanded that we keep our group sizes small. This turned out to be a major bonus, as it allowed for a more intimate experience for both our staff and our fellow Canadians – something we had not experienced in previous seasons. With our need to re-adjust, we were able to implement and enhance policies that consequently gave guests a better overall experience – practices that we will carry through to next season. 

Thank You to Our Guests and Staff

As a team, we can honestly say that we are grateful for this challenging season. We managed to pull together, and we learned a lot that will help us deliver the best possible experience for guests in the future. We owe a massive thank you to those who followed Covid-19 protocols and kept everyone involved safe. We look forward to creating more memories with you, and the rest of the world, next season.  

We Will See You Next Season!

While our dispatch radios are now quiet, our hearts and minds are loud with gratitude. Again, thank you for an amazing season. We are so excited to see what the next winter brings. If you are excited too, feel free to reach out. We are now taking bookings for the 21/22 season!